The Universe Has a Dry Sense of Humor

The Universe, as it turns out, is as big of a pain in the A** as I can sometimes be....well, ok I can be a PITA most of the time.

I’m at Panera getting coffee. It is self serve and there are two options - light roast or dark roast. Every time I get Dark Roast I think to myself, “Why don’t I ever get light? I would enjoy it, but dark roast is more hip". But today I kinda wanted light roast but then again, I didn’t want to miss out getting dark. So I went for dark. I pull the little coffee spout and only a few miserable drops came you.... no dark. Just a few drops from the self serve. “Ok, Source. You’re hi-LA-rious. I’ll get light”. So I did. But now it’s gotten cold because I’m typing this post to “complain” about Source. What a jokester. End of post, I gotta go get fresh coffee.


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