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Hey Adam!

Hey Adam,

While using Law of Attraction, do we need to ask the universe only once or should we ask multiple times? -Always Asking from Akron

________________________________________________________________________ Dear Asking from Akron

Simple:­­­ ask, and let it go.

If you keep asking it is because you are aware that you don’t have it in your hot little hands and because you are focusing on NOT having it, Law of Attraction will keep it out of your hot little hands.

Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing what you want is on its way. Savor the anticipation and satisfaction of knowing this. KNOWING THIS. Enjoy it, and appreciate it before you have it in your hands

If you go to a restaurant and order your favorite meal, do you keep telling the waiter what you want after he/she has taken your order? Do you run into the kitchen and ask the chef if he/she knows what you want to eat? Do you help cook the food? No. You sit back and sip on your glass of wine.

Do the same thing here. Seriously, buy a bottle of wine and drink it while you wait.

Now get busy living and get In The Zone.


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